This week on the Media140 blog has been dominated by the aftermath of the Brands event in London on Monday. Most of it has been positive with a range of diverse debates sparked by the panels and keynote speeches at the gig itself. Some of it – inevitably the BT WiFi fail at RIBA –


The debate following this week’s Media140 Brands event in London continues apace, with practically every panel and keynote speech avidly discussed all over the interwebs. Below, Stuart Witts reflects, from his personal perspective as a creative designer, on the pros and cons of crowd sourcing creativity and wonders whether or not this latest buzz word


If your Brand is as big as Coca Cola, surely you can say almost anything and you are fundamentally guaranteed to get a certain amount of attention? It’s the biggest fizzy drink in the world – right? Or not? In his latest MKTG140 post, and in the wake of the much discussed Media140 Brands event


A key conclusion from this week’s Media140 Brands event in London was that we are all still learning pretty much as we are going along and that our brave new digital world is still evolving – and fast. “It’s still very early days” was a mantra we heard more than once, both from the podium


By now, we have all worked out quite how potent social networks like Twitter can be. Whether you are a humble blogger hoping to drive traffic to your latest post or a mega-brand bent on forging consumer loyalty, well-timed links, ideally enshrined in intriguing tweets, can significantly improve everything from simple traffic to stickiness and


Media140 likes to give our blog readers something a little different for the weekend, in the congenial #TGIF spirit that marks the end of the working week. Here, Tom Griffiths gives us his very personal perspective on Twitter and the office chair revolution and how we seem to have gone from apathy to energy in