The advent of the Social Web has seen an explosion in new, new media agencies, clamouring to tell brands how to make the most of these shiny new marketing opportunities: just what should they be Tweeting? How best to work that Facebook fan page? But it’s hardly rocket science, or is it? And where does


Much anticipation in Sydney ahead of the day two keynote, live from New York, courtesy of Skype from respected commentator Jay Rosen. Guest live blogger Paul Farrell managed to post this lively summary and analysis of what was, by any criteria, a powerful and thought-provoking speech. Oh -& the tech all worked beautifully too! Professor


Tricky question in the pub quiz? Few of us these days would hesitate to trust Google to come up with the goods, Wikipedia ruses nonwithstanding. Find a good pub, decent cup of coffee, cheap B&B near your next out-of-town meeting? Few of us would now hesitate to throw out a query to the Twitterverse. More


Are there some questions to which the appropriate response is so important or life-changing, that crowd-sourcing for opinion on Twitter is simply unacceptable? Most of us have done it at one time or another. Pizza or Curry tonight? Smart or Casual? Does my bum look big in this? But is there a time when asking


It is #followfriday again. Love it or hate it – it is a Twitter convention which is hard to ignore. A previous post on this forum by Caitlin Fitzsimmons (@niltiac), on how best to manage the #FF deluge and simultaneously send traffic to your blog, has proved to be one the most popular on this


Have Twitter’s 140 character constraints made us any more concise? Surely it has made us think harder about the words we use to convey our meaning in such limited length? For charities, endeavouring to convey their personalities as well as raise their profiles via Twitter, the exact choice of words with which to tweet has