From running marathons across the Sahara Desert to the creation and inception of Media140, the claim that Ande Gregson actually has time to sleep is a myth. But he’s found time to share his thoughts as 2009 closes and Media140 – which began the year as the seed of an idea – enters a new


Cast even a perfunctory eye at the Twitterverse throughout the day and you will clock 100s of Tweets which refer to businesses or brands – from a simple coffee shop through on-line retailers to the biggest global technology giants. A single tweeted opinion can generate a rash of responses all involving the same brand or


The irritating thing about clichés is that they tend to be true. Last week’s political shenanigans in Australia certainly seemed to support that hoary old chestnut: “a week is a long time in politics”. The shock changes in the leadership of the conservative opposition in Canberra may well even pave the way to a bruising


This week saw Tiger Woods’ woes flashed right around the world – via Twitter and other social media networks – within minutes of the golfer being handicapped by the now infamous hydrant. By most accounts, Twitter had broken the news of the mysterious car crash almost an hour before MSM, in the guise of CNN