It is easy to boldly claim that the World Wide Web is a boon for lovers of fast information. In growing millions, news consumers have come to rely on myriad electronic organisations for instant updates and analysis of world events at the tips of their fingers. However, the boom of Web news is a worrisome


Alexander White is a trade union campaigns communications coordinator who spends much of his time devising ways to interact with the diverse members of his union in Australia. Noting that real-time social networking is playing a growing role in his day-to-day tasks, Alex wonders at the reluctance of some trade unions – the largest and


Are you out and about, reading this post on a smartphone? If so, you are part of a growing number of consumers – one in four in the United Kingdom – whom businesses can no longer afford to ignore. However, playing the mobile marketing game carries some risks – other retailers are now in the


‘You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!’ says famed entrepreneurial scoundrel Charlie Croker played by Michael Caine in the 1969 British gold-heist classic, The Italian Job. The film and that infamous line – which still ranks among Britain’s most quoted – are where my thoughts turn when I think about media140’s two


On a freezing Thursday afternoon, a room full of good folks from charities and not-for-profit organisations braved icy roads to gather at Media140 Third Sector to enjoy a drink, a nibble and a chat about the real-time web. The event was part of London’s inaugural Social Media Week, and gave everyone from newbies to experts a chance to talk about how online tools are extending the third sector’s reach in campaigning, fundraising and the recruitment of volunteers.


Roll up! Roll up! Take your seats ring-side for what is shaping up to be one of the most serious real time web scraps of the 21st century! Recent headlines might have had the casual reader drawing some slightly superficial conclusions: China supports evil hackers! Google is the saviour of democracy! Really? asks Media140 Sydney