Will Moore is Head of Social Media at the wonderfully creatively named Wonderful Creative Agency. He specialises in creating holistic web environments across every conceivable sector and also works on viral marketing ideas and email campaigns. When he is not doing that, Will is a keen amateur photographer and videographer, and can often be found


Last week on Media140, freelance journalism researcher and trainer Claire Wardle explored a couple of ways news organisations are using real-time Web technology to make political campaigns – and perhaps even politicians – more accountable. This week, Claire turns her focus to independent sites, outlining no fewer than seven ways voters can help and benefit


Twitter users who follow whistleblower Web site WikiLeaks may have experienced chills down the spine yesterday, as a series of ever-more-worrisome tweets appeared to describe how members of its staff were tailed and detained by United States spies. “WikiLeaks is currently under an aggressive US and Icelandic surveillance operation. Following/photographing/filming/detaining,” Wikileaks posted. “If anything happens


Thirty years ago, Australian Democrats founder Don Chipp coined a vaguely rude phrase that summed up the prevailing attitudes of the day towards politicians of the nation’s major parties. “Keeping the bastards honest” became the Democrats’ long-enduring slogan, probably due to the powerful nerve it hit with thousands of disenchanted voters. However, although 1980 was


In a special, musical edition of Media140, we have called time out on our usual discussion of Web traffic statistics, business models, not-for-profit campaigns and journalistic ethics, and we are not going to mention Twitter even once. Instead, we are checking out one of the Internet’s most soulful kinds of sharing.


Image courtesy of When Harry Met Sally, 1989 (Courtesy of Castle Rock Entertainment) Business is scared of social media, and mostly limits its involvement to faux-engagement aimed only at ‘keeping up with the kids’. That was the conclusion Dr Mark K Smith drew from speaking at the Melcrum Social Media for Internal Communications conference last