Sky News prides itself on being ‘first with breaking news’, with over 500 journalists reporting and broadcasting from all corners of the globe. Recently Sky took the bold step of embedding social media into every journalist’s desktop, and mandating the use of Tweetdeck across the news floor. The BBC has also made a similar move.


We recently launched an initiative to extend media140 into more UK communities through an advocacy programme. Oxford was the first, hosted by Paul Squires. Our next foray is into Scotland, hosted by Mark Jennings of D8 Digital. media140 Scotland is an opportunity for everyone to share experiences and to learn from a number of recognised


Former BBC producer Kate Pickering has worked in broadcast, innovation and digital media for 14 years. She now enjoys a portfolio career that includes facilitating workshops, delivering training and making stuff up. Kate joined media140 as an associate over a year ago and has since overseen events including Brands and Marketing, London 2009 and Third


The first in a series of UK regional events kicked off on the 12th May in Oxford at the Jam Factory to a warm welcome from local Oxfordshire residents and businesses. These regional events will focus on journalism, brands, advertising, media, technology, politics, the third sector and education. They are aimed at bringing together local


Food glorious food!


Social media and food go together like strawberries and cream… Well that’s how Bridget_Cooks and the media140 Foodies event see it this Wednesday 5th May at the Electrolux Centre in Sydney, Australia. media140 and SBS will present the ultimate social media food event which brings together Sydney’s gourmets, gourmands, chefs, food writers, bloggers, critics and


On the 12th May we will be launching media140 Oxford, the first in a number of regional events into the UK bringing together many of the UK’s recognised professionals in digital and real-time social media. Hosted in the Jam Factory which was the former premise of Frank Cooper’s Marmalade Factory, it is designed to promote