With a little ‘know how’ and the right tools, the democratisation of journalism is now enabling citizens to create their own content from sporting events with ease, whether these are photographs, videos or audio interviews, the tools are readily available. So when an organisations such as the FIFA who hold the exclusive rights for the


David McCandless is a London-based award winning writer, designer, author, designer and creative director. He’s written for over 30 publications including Wired and The Guardian. He has worked across magazines, newspapers, advertising, TV and web for over 25 years, exploring anything strange and interesting. Recently, he has championed the use of infographics and data visualisations


In April 2010, media140 visited Italy as part of the International Journalism Festival which is hosted every year in the beautiful mountain town of Perugia, which attracts over 25,000 visitors every year to the five day festival. As part of the week of festivities, media140 hosted a Food and Wine event where we saw Ryan


Many of you reading this post will have watched some of the World Cup from the comfort of your own home or with friends in a local bar, but many of us sometimes forget the townships which surround Cape Town and the challenges they face. Valerio Veo takes us ‘Behind the Scenes’ with his Flip


Amongst the tangle of laptops, phones, microphones, cameras and gadgets, Valerio Veo takes another look behind the scenes of the World Cup for media140. This time he takes us on a trip into a buzzing World Cup media centre in Cape Town, onto the pitch during the England vs Algeria game and gives media140 a


media140 Scotland is our second foray into regional events, where we take the media140 roadshow across the UK to small businesses and organisations who are keen to understand more about the practical applications of social media. Hosted by D8 Digital’s Managing Director, Mark Jennings took the event from a standing start to deliver a very