It seems that following the recent spate of privacy issues with Facebook a number of alternatives are coming to light with the media touting these as Facebook alternatives. The BBC recently reported that Diaspora, a US startup had raised $200,000 in an effort to create a more open and “privacy-aware, personally-controlled” social network. Peter Bouvier


One of the best things about Twitter (in my opinion) is how easy it is to use. But how easy is it for disabled users like the visually impaired?


Kristofor Lawson is a young, Melbourne-based freelance journalist who is trying to change the way people think about media. During 2010, Kristofor has been researching ways to try and re-invent the journalism industry using current technology. He is vocal about the need for media companies to evolve through the use of innovation and is interested


Ironically the first Old Spice fragrance was originally designed for women and was only introduced for men in 1937, yet the fragrance has been a prominent male American brand for over 70 years. Dominated by a nautical theme of sailing ships, clippers and more recently yachts the brand classic buoy shaped design has been a


Paul Adams, a senior user experience researcher at Google created an extremely rich and insightful presentation looking at the challenges that real-life social networks bring to web design. When it comes to reflecting our real life social networks into what could be considered rudimentary online networks, there is a real design challenge in terms representing