We are by no means in the same league as Picasso, Gaudi or Miro but like all of them, media140 is hoping to make an impression in Barcelona on the 25th November at the Caxia Forum de Barcelona. With an eclectic gathering of journalists, writers, technologists and innovators from Madrid, London and Barcelona, we will be exploring the opportunities and challenges presented by the intersection of journalism, social technologies and innovation.


What does it mean to be a social organisation versus one that uses social media? Too many Managing Directors think of social media as online tools that sit well and truly in the Communications Department. More often than not, those tools are handled by digital natives on their behalf, those people who have a familiarity with social media that senior management do not. This leaves a significant deficit of understanding at the heart of many management teams and at the core of brand and businesses strategies about how to really adapt to, and make the most of, social media.