With more than 583 million members including 60% of US Internet users you could be forgiven for thinking that Facebook didn’t have much further to go before it achieved complete global domination. In Japan it’s a very different story, evidence of a chasm between Eastern and Western sensibilities. Rachel Pictor explores the issue which was reported this month in The New York Times.


In May 2009 Harvard Business Review published a report on the latest social media statistics relating to the gender of users. A survey of 300,542 Twitter users put men at the forefront of this new media. These statistics went against the trends of other popular social networking sites, like MySpace and Facebook that suggested women dominate the social networking sphere.


From humble beginnings in May 2009, media140 has grown into a global social brand and community, bringing together different industries to foster innovation through education in the use of social technologies. 2010 was the year we found our feet and produced 13 events in five countries, in four languages for over 2500 participants. As the the year comes to a close, Ande Gregson, media140 founder takes a brief look back at the projects we completed during our first year.