Ahead of the media140 Unethical web event on the 15th September, Service Designer and Marketer, Simon Gough from Redfront considers how fake social profiles can have a much greater impact than just spamming individual users. Anyone who’s spent any time on Twitter or Facebook will have come into contact with fake profiles, and estimates for the percentage of profiles that fall into this category range from 5 – 40%. In other words, nobody really knows how many accounts on these sites are actually real.


The fourth of a series of six blogs, guest contributor Ann Holman, takes a closer look at the progression of the social media behemoth Facebook. Now the dust has settled for a while let’s keep this simple, I detest complication! It’s not a case of whether Facebook goes for an IPO, it’s just a matter of when. On balance it looks like the company is going to be forced to make the move legally combined with demands being placed on it by its current investors and employees.


Social media is open to all aspects of society and is subject to the same rules regarding Freedom of Speech that govern us offline. Article 100 of the Norwegian constitution states that “No person may be held liable in law for having imparted or received information, ideas or messages unless this can be justified in relation to the grounds for freedom of expression, which are the seeking of truth, the promotion of democracy and the individual’s freedom to form opinions”.


In the third of a series of six blogs, guest contributor Ann Holman, takes a closer look at the progression of social media and considers whether social media has turned into something much uglier than expected. Actually it already has got ugly. Subjectivity and how one tells a story and its association with journalistic integrity will continue to overshadow and be overbearing. This recent plethora of conversation, discussion and debate about the super injunction situation in the UK has clearly demonstrated and begun the road to change.


En préparation de l’évènement Unethical web event qui prendra place le 15 Septembre 2001, Simon Gouth, marketing professionnel pour Redfront considère de quelle façon, les faux profiles créés en ligne on une répercussion qui ne ce limite pas seulement au fait de remplir la boite de courrier indésirables des utilisateurs.


Happy Holidays


Before you all jet off on your summers hols, we want to give you a taste of what’s next for media140 in London. We have four events coming up in August, September and October, so it’s going to be a busy.