The ‘Business of Social Business’ is the second media140 event to be hosted in the salubrious Durham street auditorium. A theatre that has been built on the last remaining stretch of 18th-century cobbled roadway, which was part of a tunnel beneath the House leading down to the Thames. Speakers included Ann Holman, Paul Skinner, Andrew Grill and Warren Buckley, with the event being sponsored by PeopleBrowsr.


Working in collaboration with RedFront, media140 launched a new crowd sourced ‘unethical web‘ project at our event in the 15th September at the Royal Society of Arts.

The crowd sourced project is being used to curate examples of unethical practises on the web in the fields of business, journalism, politics, education and advertising. We are asking the media140 community to help to contribute to the Tumblr in sourcing as many examples as possible.