Do you have the right to be anonymous online? If so, when? Anonymity protects Syrian political activists, internet trolls and criminals alike. There are no easy answers to the questions around Digital Anonymity.
Digital Anonymity was the first theme to be tackled as part of a new series of media140+ events that will be hosted in Sydney, London and Barcelona in 2012. Over the next 12 months we’ll be bringing together the some of the most exciting and influential thinkers in digital media to share their experience and knowledge with a small number of participants.


“To better understand social consumers, we asked 3,000 US and UK consumers about the two products and services they had most recently researched online and how they went about it. Today‚Äôs social consumer is one that can either be categorized as a high or low sharer, who utilizes various digital channels differently depending on whether he or she is researching and interacting with high or low involvement products. “