Most people would agree that social media has become an important part of our modern daily lives. Digital natives spend a lot of time using Twitter, updating statuses on FaceBook, blogging, and engaging with other online users, overtime this engagement builds an online reputation.


In an increasingly competitve job market future employers are looking for individuals who are prepared to go that extra mile to demonstrate their knowledge, expertise or passion for a new role. Social media is one of the many tools that need to be part of any strategy when looking for a new job, but remember it’s not the only one.


We are bringing together the some of the most exciting and influential thinkers in the UK digital media scene to share their experience and knowledge with a small number of participants at media140 events in London. These ‘single issue focused’ events are a natural extension of our larger events, but much more of a focus on creating more intimate experiences with a smaller number of people. Allowing everyone who participates a much greater opportunity to debate, engage and collaborate with emphasis on creating conversation and collaboration.


Twittamentary is a documentary about the everyday people who use Twitter, from a travel journalist turned “Twilebrity” to a porn star who uses Twitter to stay in touch with her fans, from a stock trader who tweets from the world’s largest exchange to a homeless woman who uses Twitter to find a place to live. The movie is always shown in a dual screen mode, with a live twitter wall, thus creating a unique cinematic experience where the audience can interact with the cast and crew, in real-time, while watching the movie.