We’re heading back to Perth in Western Australia in April to partner with the City of Perth and The West Australian to host a unique three day digital event: the first of its kind in Perth. We’ll be exploring three big themes DigitalBusiness, DigitalMe and DigitalFamily over the 26th, 27th and 28th April.


Laurel Papworth, named in 2012 by Forbes magazine as one of the 50 Social Media Influencers globally, will be hosting two half day courses at DigitalMe on the 27th April in Perth. The social media workshop will give anyone looking to step into the digital world of Twitter, Facebook, blogging and social bookmarking a solid framework and set of strategies. The workshop is being held as part of the media140 three day event and you can register online.


Academics from Australia’s only university Department of Internet Studies will be speaking at media140 in Perth, Australia. Professor Matthew Allen, Dr Tama Leaver, Dr Clare Lloyd and current graduate student Ms Kate Raynes-Goldie will all present aspects of their research into and thinking about the significant changes which networked media technologies are bringing to our world.


Here’s a quick poser for you, what do Julian Assange, Al Gore and media140 have in common? They’ve all taken part in the International Journalism Festival. The IJF is hosted every year in Perugia, capital city of the region of Umbria in central Italy, now running in it’s sixth year. With over 300 speakers, 40 workshops and in excess of 20,000 visitors it’s probably the largest single journalism event in Europe.