If you have been following our activities in April you will seen media140 hosting two concurrent events 15,000km apart: our three day digital festival in Perth, Australia and our journalism workshops at the International Journalism Festival. It’s been a busy month for us!


media140 will be participating in the ‘Statistics Extension Workshop’ at Idescat, Barcelona on the 18th May 2012 – curating the workshop entitled “The New Data Journalism” and presented by a former media140 speaker Carlos Alonso.


Here’s a quick poser for you, what do Julian Assange, Al Gore and media140 have in common? They’ve all taken part in the International Journalism Festival. The IJF is hosted every year in Perugia, capital city of the region of Umbria in central Italy, now running in it’s sixth year. With over 300 speakers, 40 workshops and in excess of 20,000 visitors it’s probably the largest single journalism event in Europe.


Journalism is filled with ideas. Many of them ‘bold’. Some of them ‘great’. A few might even be ‘good’. But rarely are any ‘innovative’. There is a preconceived idea in many media companies that the future is what you follow, i.e. ‘we will do that when our competitor does that as well’.


Just over two weeks ago, on the 25th November we presented our very first media140 Futures event at the Caixa Forum de Barcelona to a local Catalan audience of journalists, media makers, technologists, social media advocates and broadcasters.


With over 130 million blogs worldwide, Twitter users sending 50 million tweets per day and over 2 billion videos a day watched on YouTube it’s easy to get lost in the jungle of content. Rachel Pictor questions how we know what to trust on the web.