media140 will be heading to Red Innova in Madrid – 14th and 15th June for the international gathering on innovation, internet, creativity and entrepreneurship. It’s a leading digital event exploring how digital is changing society and a great opportunity to ‘network’ and meet international leaders in technology, innovation and the Internet.


Most people would agree that social media has become an important part of our modern daily lives. Digital natives spend a lot of time using Twitter, updating statuses on FaceBook, blogging, and engaging with other online users, overtime this engagement builds an online reputation.


Journalism is filled with ideas. Many of them ‘bold’. Some of them ‘great’. A few might even be ‘good’. But rarely are any ‘innovative’. There is a preconceived idea in many media companies that the future is what you follow, i.e. ‘we will do that when our competitor does that as well’.


In May 2009 Harvard Business Review published a report on the latest social media statistics relating to the gender of users. A survey of 300,542 Twitter users put men at the forefront of this new media. These statistics went against the trends of other popular social networking sites, like MySpace and Facebook that suggested women dominate the social networking sphere.


We are by no means in the same league as Picasso, Gaudi or Miro but like all of them, media140 is hoping to make an impression in Barcelona on the 25th November at the Caxia Forum de Barcelona. With an eclectic gathering of journalists, writers, technologists and innovators from Madrid, London and Barcelona, we will be exploring the opportunities and challenges presented by the intersection of journalism, social technologies and innovation.


At the beginning of September, she initiated the use of the new cloud-based Ushahidi platform, Crowdmap to map the tube strike at BBC London. She wrote about the experience here, particularly the challenges of crowdsourcing in real-time.