Many of you reading this post will have watched some of the World Cup from the comfort of your own home or with friends in a local bar, but many of us sometimes forget the townships which surround Cape Town and the challenges they face. Valerio Veo takes us ‘Behind the Scenes’ with his Flip


Amongst the tangle of laptops, phones, microphones, cameras and gadgets, Valerio Veo takes another look behind the scenes of the World Cup for media140. This time he takes us on a trip into a buzzing World Cup media centre in Cape Town, onto the pitch during the England vs Algeria game and gives media140 a


Valerio Veo, Head of SBS News and Current Affairs Online in Australia and avid football fan is spending 6 weeks in football heaven at the World Cup in South Africa. With a backpack full of kit that would make your credit card weep at excess baggage, he is taking a bird’s eye view of life


Food glorious food!


Social media and food go together like strawberries and cream… Well that’s how Bridget_Cooks and the media140 Foodies event see it this Wednesday 5th May at the Electrolux Centre in Sydney, Australia. media140 and SBS will present the ultimate social media food event which brings together Sydney’s gourmets, gourmands, chefs, food writers, bloggers, critics and


Qui al Festival Internazionale del Giornalismo 2010 a Perugia, media140 ha parlato con Josh Young, l’editore di Social News al Huffington Post, e Moeed Ahmad, l’editore di Social Media ad Al Jazeera English. In questo post: 1) Josh parla con Gemma Urgell di media140 sul suo ruolo a una delle piu’ rispettate pubblicazioni internet e


Freelance multimedia reporter and journalism trainer Guy Degen uses mobile gadgets including smartphones and MyFi to create powerful reports comprising photos, video and reportage of breaking news events . Aptly named @fieldreports on Twitter, Guy is one of a small number of journalists who are pioneering the use of real-time web and mobile devices as