Canberra Old Parliament House
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When media140 Canberra’s #OzPolitics event kicks into gear on Thursday September 23rd, our embedded bloggers will be reporting from the Australian capital on the key themes emerging from our examination of the role of social media in politics.

Experienced professional blogger and freelance journalist Neerav Bhatt (@neerav) will head up the team, taking on the role of Guest Editor of this blog during the event.

The other members of the specialist Oz blogging team during the event will be Kate Carruthers (@kcarruthers), Grog’s Gamut (@grogsgamut), Paul Wallbank (@paulwallbank) and Craig Thomler (@craigthomler).

They will feature case studies on the social media strategies employed on the Obama campaign, the UK election and the recent Australian poll.

media140 OzPolitics Blogging/Tweeting Team

Introducing the media140 #OzPolitics blogging team:

Neerav Bhatt (Freelance journalist and professional blogger) – Photographer and Blog Editor of media140 OzPolitics

neerav bhatt - freelance journalist and professional blogger

Neerav reviews and writes about a myriad of topics including technology, finance, politics, movies, TV shows, travel and photography. He started blogging in 2004 and is one of the few Australians who make a living from blogging.

Neerav also writes freelance for GEARE magazine, iTnews and PC Authority as well as occasionally contributing to ABC Radio programs.

In 2007 Neerav ran as a Greens candidate in the NSW and Federal elections. You can find out more about Neerav Bhatt or follow him on Twitter @neerav.

Kate Carruthers (Technologist, Marketer and Educator) – media140 OzPolitics Blogger/Tweeter

kate carruthers

Kate Carruthers is a Senior Consultant with Headshift Australasia. She is a technologist, marketer and educator who can be found on Twitter @kcarruthers and blogs at www.katecarruthers.com/blog.

Kate has extensive experience in senior executive roles for diverse organisations such as GE, AMP and State Government, which informs her current practise in social business design.

Grog’s Gamut (Anonymous Influential Blogger) – media140 OzPolitics Blogger/Tweeter

grogs gamut

Grog’s Gamut has been an amateur blogger since 2008. He spends too much of his spare time writing about politics and the media and not enough time watching all the DVDs he buys each weekend.

He writes under a pen name because his day job doesn’t allow him to comment about political parties. For some reason he thinks he looks like Ralph Fiennes. He doesn’t. His blog can be found here and he tweets at @grogsgamut.

Paul Wallbank (Writer, Broadcaster and Blogger) – media140 OzPolitics Blogger/Tweeter

Paul Wallbank is a writer, broadcaster and blogger examining how our society is changing in a connected world.

His personal website is at www.paulwallbank.com and he tweets at @paulwallbank.

Craig Thomler (Government 2.0 Advocate and Practitioner) – media140 OzPolitics Blogger/Tweeter

craig thomler

Craig Thomler is one of Australia’s leading Government 2.0 advocates and practitioners. With a degree in Marketing and a background in the consumer goods industry, he has over fifteen years experience working in the online sector. As an entrepreneur he has founded and held senior roles at a number of early-stage technology companies in Australia and overseas.

Since 2006 he has worked in the Australian Public Service, where he developed his interest in improving public governance through strategic and innovative use of digital technologies. In 2009 Craig was awarded the inaugural Government 2.0 Individual Innovator Award by the Australian Government. He was recently named by PoliticsOnline as one of the 2010 winners of the prestigious international award, ‘The Top 10 Who are Changing the World of Internet and Politics’.

He speaks regularly at events within Australia and overseas about Government 2.0 strategy and practice. His personal website is at egovau.blogspot.com and he tweets at @craigthomler.



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