Connecting Global Communities.


Since May 2009 media140 has had over 30,000 event participants and over 100,000 ‘livestream’ views from our international events. Attracting an audience from international brands, media, business, third sector and technology industries. Our global community has grown into a vibrant and active platform for discovering and sharing new ideas with your peers. Using LinkedIn and Facebook we keep the media140 community updated and informed on the latest industry news and help to connect you with other experienced and knowledge professionals.
Big Data Week

A global platform of interconnected community events focused on data.

media140 Events

Our own projects & events connecting a global media140 community.


Our science organisation connecting a community to share knowledge.

#ijf Festival Partner

Hosting workshop & events at the International Journalism Festival.

Barcelona 2011

Curating a two day digital media summit in three languages in Barcelona.

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