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The International Journalism Festival is one of the largest and most respected events for media professionals. Hosted every year in the town of Perugia, Italy it attracts over 25,000 visitors to hear over 300 speakers including politicians, journalists, broadcasters, writers and media organisation explore the future of journalism. media140 has partnered with the ijf team on a number of occasions in 2010 and 2012 to host, produce and deliver a number of events and workshops for the festival.

In 2010 we hosted and produced two events focused; one exploring the role of social media and journalism with speakers from Al Jazeera, MediaShift, Huffington Post and Wikileaks. The other event focused the food and wine industry in Europe with speakers from Italy, UK and Spain.

More recently in 2012, media140 hosted four workshops with leading figures in the world of digital journalism; the workshops explored news gathering, entrepreneurial journalism, mobile news gathering and community management.

Highlights from our 2012 workshops.

Jess Hill (Former Middle East correspondent, The Global Post)
Sourcing global stories through social media
On platforms like Twitter and Facebook, journalists can now find witnesses and sources for almost any major news event. But how can you be sure that their information is reliable? In this workshop, you will learn how to find information and sources on social media, who and what to avoid, creative verification techniques, and how to promote your story once it’s published.

Guy Degen (Freelance Videographer)
Using a mobile phone for reporting
A mobile phone is an essential reporting tool for journalists. Find out about the best apps and workflows for producing digital content on the road.

Claire Wardle (Global Advocate, Storyful)
How to use social media to build audiences and create community
The majority of news organisations now understand the power of social media for driving audiences to their output and most have twitter accounts and facebook pages, and encourage their journalists to do the same. The majority however are not using them effectively. Rather than seeing social media as either an information source or a broadcast channel, we will discuss how successful community building initiatives can create incredible content as well as effectively engage existing audiences and connect with new audiences. Delegates will develop new ideas and strategies for current projects and campaigns.<
Adam Westbrook (Multimedia producer)
Entrepreneurial journalism: reinventing the business of news
As the traditional media is forced into cutting jobs and content, more journalists are looking for other ways to practice their craft, and audiences are moving with them. In this workshop Adam Westbrook will talk about the growing area of entrepreneurial journalism: using the the flexibility and low cost of online publishing to build new products, develop new communities and create small nimble businesses which make profit. Through examples of successful new businesses and practical advice, Adam will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurial journalism, what makes a good business idea and how to create intentionally small and successful businesses. This session is perfect for individual journalists with an idea for a news product, or freelancers looking to grow their business.

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