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Barcelona 2011

Curating a two day digital media summit in three languages in Barcelona.


Barcelona Activa to partner with media140 Europe in creating two-day social technology conference at Cibernarium in
April 2011.
Barcelona city council is to partner with media140 for a unique international event at the Cibernarium, the new digital training centre for professionals and companies, at the mediaTIC building on the 13th and 14th of April exploring the impact of emerging digital and social technologies on journalism, media communications and publishing.
For two days, practitioners, entrepreneurs and thinkers from around the world, working in the field of journalism, media and communications, will discuss, reflect and explore, in conferences, workshops, roundtables and individual sessions, how to harness social technologies to improve the journalism we do today. The event will revolve around three themes: reflective and philosophical; entrepreneurship and business; and finally creative.
Case studies and workshops will provide a platform to learn how to exploit social technologies, as a means to; measuring audience participation, listening to community conversations; how to market and syndicate digital content; best practice in ‘mobile’ journalism, collaborative editing video, using opendata, crowd sourcing and much more.
media140 Barcelona will identify new challenges that will face every media communicator and provide insight on how to harness these opportunities.
The event will be multilngual in English, Spanish and Catalan
• Riyaad Minty, Head of Social Media at Al Jazeera, Qatar.
• Stef Lewandowsk, Co-founder & head of innovation at Aframe.
• Victor Miclovich, Co-founder,
• Pau Llop, Journalist and social entrepreneur. co-founder and director of
• Karma Peiro, Head of User Participatiom at
• Alex Puig, Social Entrepreneur, founder of
• Narcis Vives, Director of itinerarium.
• Toni Pique?, Consultant on content development & newsroom organisation.
• Eirik Wallem Fossan, Multimedia journalist / Flash developer for
• More to be announced.


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