En préparation de l’évènement Unethical web event qui prendra place le 15 Septembre 2001, Simon Gouth, marketing professionnel pour Redfront considère de quelle façon, les faux profiles créés en ligne on une répercussion qui ne ce limite pas seulement au fait de remplir la boite de courrier indésirables des utilisateurs.


With more than 583 million members including 60% of US Internet users you could be forgiven for thinking that Facebook didn’t have much further to go before it achieved complete global domination. In Japan it’s a very different story, evidence of a chasm between Eastern and Western sensibilities. Rachel Pictor explores the issue which was reported this month in The New York Times.


Ironically the first Old Spice fragrance was originally designed for women and was only introduced for men in 1937, yet the fragrance has been a prominent male American brand for over 70 years. Dominated by a nautical theme of sailing ships, clippers and more recently yachts the brand classic buoy shaped design has been a


Image courtesy of www.sothebys.com Amber Daines has spent a good part of the past decade working with visual artists and galleries, both in the virtual and ‘bricks and mortar’ spheres across several countries. She was curious to get the latest thinking on whether the traditional art gallery experience has died or sunk to secondary importance