There is no denying that social media guidelines come into their own for large organisations trying to represent their culture online. But think of the people watching and listening to you. In a world where everyone’s vying for work let’s face it, if engaging the social media savvy employers would be foolish not to research what they’re getting. Can something be learnt from the marketing awareness of busines when creating our personal brands? Here are some social media policy snippets to inspire from the caring but corporate


Ironically the first Old Spice fragrance was originally designed for women and was only introduced for men in 1937, yet the fragrance has been a prominent male American brand for over 70 years. Dominated by a nautical theme of sailing ships, clippers and more recently yachts the brand classic buoy shaped design has been a


Former BBC producer Kate Pickering has worked in broadcast, innovation and digital media for 14 years. She now enjoys a portfolio career that includes facilitating workshops, delivering training and making stuff up. Kate joined media140 as an associate over a year ago and has since overseen events including Brands and Marketing, London 2009 and Third


On the 12th May we will be launching media140 Oxford, the first in a number of regional events into the UK bringing together many of the UK’s recognised professionals in digital and real-time social media. Hosted in the Jam Factory which was the former premise of Frank Cooper’s Marmalade Factory, it is designed to promote


Social media might be a relatively new addition to our personal and business lives but it already has an etiquette. Fall foul of a few unwritten rules and you could end up with egg on your face, or – in the case of a corporate body – a severely damaged bottom line. Fortunately, along with this


Cast even a perfunctory eye at the Twitterverse throughout the day and you will clock 100s of Tweets which refer to businesses or brands – from a simple coffee shop through on-line retailers to the biggest global technology giants. A single tweeted opinion can generate a rash of responses all involving the same brand or