Roll up! Roll up! Take your seats ring-side for what is shaping up to be one of the most serious real time web scraps of the 21st century!

Recent headlines might have had the casual reader drawing some slightly superficial conclusions: China supports evil hackers! Google is the saviour of democracy!

Really? asks Media140 Sydney panellist and our inaugural guest vlogger Stilgherrian, who writes for several key opinion sites in Australia, including Crikey and ZDNet.


It takes a little digging on Stilgherrian’s website to discover the origins of his unusual moniker, but his passion for politics and the online environment is immediately obvious. An internet pioneer since the mid-1980s, Stilgherrian continues to delve into the increasingly complex web of communication and collaboration technologies, inevitably emerging with acute insights into how they are continuing to shape our society.

For Media140, Stilgherrian has taken time out – from a hectic afternoon at the pub – to explain why he does not necessarily buy the mainstream view of Google’s recent row over cyber-attacks and censorship in China. Neatly showcasing the possibilities of the real-time web, he uploaded this clip to Viddler.com, from which source we at Media140 were able to simply and swiftly lift the embed code.

NB: There is a small encoding glitch at 03:20:00, but we would not dream of holding it against Viddler.